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I highly recommend Matt as a realtor. He was very knowledgeable and made the process of buying and selling a home pretty painless. I had a lot of questions and Matt was patient and explained everything clearly. There were no surprises and he really pushed at the end to make sure everything stayed on track. We went through 2 realtors before we found Matt and we had pretty high expectations. We are very happy with our new home and how the sale of my previous home went and appreciate everything Matt did to make this all happen.
Jen C.

Matt has sold our last two houses and has always provided the help and insight needed to get our houses listed and sold. He is a tireless worker, always available for questions and suggestions and his knowledge of the real estate market insured that we listed our properties at a competitive, marketable price. He will spend the time with you as needed to keep your listing fresh and in front of prospective buyers at all times. You will have a friend in Matt during and after the sale and you will want to recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor to refer.
Dick & Maddie S.

Matt is amazing in every way possible! Definitely helped my husband and I find the perfect home in a great neighborhood. We thought we would never find our home but Matt assured us to be patient and have faith and sure enough he was right. Very helpful…friendly and knowledgeable. Answered every question we had. There’s not enough words to explain how great of a guy he is! We thank him for everything and helping us through this journey. He wasn’t just our realtor but a friend! Treated us like family through and through! Awesome guy all around! Highly recommend Matt Lynch and the Russell Realty Family!
Jennifer M.

Matt did an excellent job from start to finish. Communicated clearly in every step of the way. We had not sold a home in almost 30 years and we were not totally clear how to proceed. Matt explained everything in easy terms to understand. Once we signed the contract with Matt, he was tenacious. We actually had two houses to sell with Matt. The first one we had an offer in about 2 weeks. The second house we had an offer in one day. Never doubted our decision to go with Matt. I would recommend him to everyone I know.
Larry C.

Matt Lynch is an excellent realtor and a great person to interact with. I worked with Matt to buy a house for my senior-citizen parents this past March (2016). Then, after we moved my parents into the new house, I worked with Matt to sell their old house the following August. Further, he did a great job working with me long distance. I live in Texas – 1,200 miles from northeast Ohio. I needed to rely on Matt to do a lot of legwork with my parents because I was not in Ohio for many of the steps in both transactions. He was great working with them, and they grew to like and trust him.

For the house that we bought, Matt did a thorough job of overseeing the paperwork and other requirements. He provided good advice during the negotiations. And, he did a lot of extra work showing my parents the house in my absence. He was very honest about all the houses we visited, even when his comments would motivate us to decide not to buy one. At no time did I get the impression we were being pushed or that he was in it only for the deal (and his commission).

For the sale of the old house, Matt was essential in dealing with a buyer who made endless demands and dragged the negotiation process on and on with what became entirely unreasonable requests. The house was a “fixer upper,” and we expected the negotiations to take unexpected twists and turns due to the poor condition of the place. Matt had experience flipping houses, so he was very familiar with the effort and expense it would take to fix up the house – which made it easy to determine whether the buyer’s demands were reasonable or not. Further, I have experience in the trades, and I was able to see that Matt always talked accurately about the work that needed to be done on the house. Ultimately we closed the deal with this buyer, but it took a lot of Matt’s time and effort to get us there.

Finally, Matt is a personable guy to work with. He is detailed oriented and knows the mechanics of real estate, but at the same time, he is easy to socialize with and fun to be around. As mentioned, he did a great job working with my parents, especially during times when I was not there. I will definitely refer friends and family to him when I hear of one of them needing a realtor.

James H.